Meat Platter

The Grand BBQ Meat Platter

A Platter to Remember

Have you ever ordered a meat platter and felt it to be sub-par or not satisfying? Don’t worry this is a common feeling as everyone has been there. Be sure to remind yourself not to settle for less as there are better alternatives. Avoid that mediocrity and order from Lulu’s Restaurant located in Van Nuys.

Lulu’s Restaurant has been around for 40 years and with that time has perfected the Meat Platter. Not only do we provide Catering and Online Orders but also deliver all throughout the San Fernando Valley. For those who crave the right stuff call and order the Party Sized BBQ Platter. Only $65.99 it can serve from 6 to 8 people and comes with an additional two sides. From a full rack of ribs, whole chicken and your choice of either pulled pork, tri-tip or smoked sausage. A large selection to choose from it may be difficult for those to decide but for Lulu’s all their meat is equally exceptional. The great perk of this meal is that you can choose multiple choices of meat.  When people usually think of Meat Platters their minds first goes to thin slices of meat but as for us, we offer proper BBQ grade meat. Become instantly popular with your friends or peers at the next football, basketball or baseball game by providing a selection of marvelous Texas worthy cuts of meat. The Platter only gets better as it also includes two sides from garlic mashed potatoes, coleslaw, French fries, potato chips, potato salad, BBQ beans, freshly made biscuits or rice pilaf. The sides are as equally good as the main entrée and adds to the overall meal leaving you full but not uncomfortably stuffed.

Once having the BBQ Platter there will be no question that you made the right choice in online ordering. Have quality BBQ Meat sent to your house within the hour and make the day memorable by ordering this affordable Platter.