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Thanksgiving Meal

A Thanksgiving Meal Like No Other!

The Perfect Meal

The leaves are changing and as they fall you know what’s around the corner, Thanksgiving. For some, it is the time where family members fly or drive to get together and reflect as a family. To appreciate what you have in your life with a fantastic meal. Free yourself from the stress of preparing and hosting such a meal and come eat at Lulu’s Restaurant.

A Thanksgiving Meal Like No Other

Forget the endless hours basting Turkey and messy cleanup that follows. At Lulu’s, we are introducing the Fantastic Holiday Meal for only $119.99. Entertaining a large party? We have a special that can feed a party of 10! Spend the best time with your family as you enjoy a savory mouth-watering Turkey Dinner. A four-pound combination of smoked to perfection, juicy dark, and light Turkey Breast Meat. At home, you would be limited to your family’s preference and low stock of a particular meat but not at Lulu’s. Determine how much light or dark meat you want for your company and we will be able to provide. Drizzle on top of that our zingy and tender Cranberry Sauce. Working as a perfect partner it adds a new level and emotion to the meal. By bringing out the flavor of the meat it adds to the taste of November’s favorite bird. We make our own cranberry sauce for this festive event so be sure to forget the processed canned brand.

What could make the meal even better? Well, what about a great side? The Holiday meal includes four pounds of sweet garlic mashed potatoes. A warming addition to your stomach it will sooth any impending ravenous hunger you may be experiencing. Prepared with care our mashed potatoes will make you feel like the first time you had them. Can this meal get any better? It sure can we have homemade stuffing, a perfect combination to all Thanksgiving sides. A crunchy and smooth taste that can only be improved with the helping of gravy, cranberry sauce or mixed in Turkey. Be sure to leave some room for dessert. The Holiday Special Meal also includes either an Apple or Pumpkin Pie topped with whipped cream. Grab yourself a slice of warm homemade pie, a fantastic send off to a great meal.

Eliminate the tiresome and frivolous clean up that follows such a large meal. With our team of friendly cooks, servers, and bartenders the day will be even more joyous. Feel closer to your family and leave satisfied but not bloated.