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Lulu's Restaurant Salads

Lulu’s Restaurant – The Best Restaurant to Maintain Your 2018 Diet

2018 is the perfect year to lose some weight or to tone that body. This year is the year when you are finally going to say goodbye to those unwanted love-handles or curves and it is the year when you are going to shape up an enjoy a much healthier, fitter and better-looking body. Lulu’s restaurant supports healthy eating and healthy living. Here are a few reasons to convince you that Lulu’s is the best Restaurant for maintaining your 2018 diet and to have a bite to eat and some fun while you are maintaining a healthy body.

Delicious healthy salads to support your low carb diet

You usually must avoid dining out if you are on a diet or want to lose some weight because most takeaway places and restaurants only have unhealthy and fattening meals to offer. Lulu’s Restaurant has a wide range of delicious healthy salads that are low in carbs and high in vitamins and minerals. Salads like the Greek Salad is perfect for those that want to avoid proteins while other salads like our Chicken Caesar Salad, Asian Chicken Salad or Chicken Spinach Salad is amazing for weight loss. These salads are low in fat and high in protein and they actually taste amazing.

Health dishes that will keep you full and healthy

Lulu’s Restaurant in Van Nuys is also the perfect restaurant for bodybuilders. We have quite a lot of healthy power meals that will give you all the energy and protein you need to bulk up and build gorgeous muscles. Plenty of meals on our menu like our Angus Flat Iron Steak, Rosemary Pork Chops, Meatloaf, and 10oz New York Steak are prepared with few additives and oils, the meats are lean and healthy, and our servings include healthy vegetables to boost your immune system.

Slim and low-sugar beverages to fit your healthy meal

Lulu’s is one of the best bars in Van Nuys because we have a great variety of delicious drinks. We also offer quite a few beverages that are low in sugar so you can stay fit and lose weight even as you enjoy a refreshing drink. Enjoy a delicious hot coffee or tea and have full control over the amount of sugar you include in your drink or give our lemonade or iced tea a try and stay hydrated while you slim down.

Budget-friendly solutions to suit your health program

Diets, gym memberships, supplements and healthy lean foods aren’t cheap and this is exactly why Lulu’s is such a great restaurant to support your 2018 weight goals. We offer an amazing loyalty program and our restaurant has regular specials as well as amazing happy hour deals that will help you save lots of money while you are hanging out with friends. With our budget-friendly solutions, you can have a blast and party your heart out and still afford those expensive health programs.

Lulu’s Restaurant is definitely the place to enjoy if you want to promote healthy living and stick to your 2018 diet plan. This is the restaurant and bar where fun, great tasting food and healthy living meets up.