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Lulu’s Fundraising

Lulu’s Fundraising

Plan The Perfect Fundraising Event With Lulu’s Restaurant!

Let’s be honest, planning a successful fundraising event is no walk in the park, but with recent budget cut to schools, they’re becoming more and more of a necessity.  If you’ve ever hired an event planner or managed your own event in the past, it’s clear that enormous amounts of time and effort go into planning everything from the location to the smallest little details of meal preparation. 

Hiring an event planner is one sure fire way of guaranteeing your event goes off without a hitch but what if your event isn’t large enough to afford a dedicated event planner, and what if you don’t have a full 40 hour week to devote to planning an event yourself?

Good News! Planning a fundraiser has actually never been easier!  Make your next event a massive success with the help of Lulu’s Restaurant & Sports Bar in Van Nuys.  Simply;

Set The Time

Let us know what day and time you would like to book your event, visit our website to get in contact with our fundraising team!

Select The Menu

Whether you want Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or a specific offering our team is able to fulfill most requests.  Vegetarian Option Available.

Send Out The Flyers

Here’s the best part, simply provide us with the necessary information with your event, and Lulu’s will create all of the flyers advertising the event!

Show Up

Restaurant fundraisers are great at raising money, but there is another, more important purpose for these events.  Community building, and getting to know your audience.

Raise Money!

In addition to delicious food and great community building, Lulu’s Restaurant will donate 20% off all proceeds spent during your fundraising event to your cause! To learn more about fundraising at Lulu’s Click Here.