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Funding for the Future

The Best Fundraising Ideas

We’ve all been there. You need money for an upcoming event or activity with your organization and you opt for fundraising. Next thing you know, you’re neck-deep in wrapping paper and cookie dough making just enough to break even. It’s difficult to know what people want to buy, and if you put all that planning into your fundraising event you want it to be a success. Things like having an organized staff, budget planning, and advertising are essential, but what can you do to actually get people through the front door? The food professionals at Lulu’s have been hosting successful fundraisers since 1976, and through the years we have compiled a list of some of the most effective and fun ways to Fundraise.

Community Yard Sale

Is your garage stocked full of stuff you never use? Are your friends or family downsizing homes? Is your Aunt a hoarder cat lady? No matter what your circumstances are, we all know those people who have too much stuff. By hosting a community yard sale you can get your community to donate their spare things to a good cause, Your Cause! By taking all your donations and setting up a garage sale, you instantly have a huge source of revenue without any cost.


Chocolate Sale

Every day before lunchtime, billions of people are sitting at school or work with grumbling stomachs and a strong craving for something sweet. If you can corner your desperate classmates and coworkers with a box of chocolates, few can resist. Chocolate is a classic fundraising idea that’s sure to please no matter the occasion. One of the best companies doing chocolate fundraising is World’s Finest Chocolate, offering up to 50% profit.



Host a Concert

Can you play 3 chords on the guitar? Well, you can play almost every pop song then. Hosting a concert with some local bands and a small admission price is a great way to gain your organization recognition and also huge revenue. Concerts can be held in places like parks, backyards, or even cul de sacs. Your musician friends are bound to have some equipment that can be used and food trucks love participating in such events for usually no cost.


Haunted House

With Halloween just around the corner, haunted houses are in high demand. If you have a garage or creepy Victorian House setting up a haunted house can be easy, cost-effective, and fun! By making sure your Haunted House is top of the line and by providing some great snacks, you could charge admission and raise money. With the proper publicity and location you can have people lining up to be terrified, but by the end of the night, you’ll be bursting with joy.


Lulu’s Restaurant Fundraising

For 41 years Lulu’s restaurant has been providing a welcoming atmosphere and exceptional comfort food to events and organizations of any size. If wrapping paper just isn’t fitting your fundraising goal, then you have to give the people what they want. We offer everything from BBQ to burgers, pasta to pancakes, and seafood to sandwiches. No matter what preference, we offer something good for everyone. By hosting your next fundraising event at Lulu’s in Van Nuys you’ll be getting quality food and friendly service, as well as 20% of whatever your group spends. We’ll even print your flyers for you! If wrapping paper just isn’t doing the trick, then visit our site now and learn more about our professional fundraising and food.