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Dining Out With Toddlers

Great Tips For Dining Out With Toddlers

Dining out with children isn’t easy, especially when your child is a busy little toddler that is all excited and hyper with all the pretty things inside the restaurant.  Plenty of parents stop dining out entirely while their kids are still small.  Babysitters often aren’t an option for many parents who just don’t trust other people with their precious little ones.  They skip out on great food and great outings with friends for years, which is quite sad and lonely.

At Lulu’s Restaurant, we welcome people from all walks of life including your tiny toddler.  Here are a few great tips that will make it much easier to dine at the best chopped-salad restaurant when you bring your child along.

Pick the right place

One of the best things to do when dining out with a toddler is to pick the right place.  Lulu’s is a great place to dine out with your kids because we are entirely family-friendly.  Our restaurant is casual, laid back and the general design of our dining area makes it a relatively quiet place to sit and relax.

Don’t take your toddler out when he or she is tired

Taking a tired child out to dinner is one of the best ways to have the worst time ever.  Toddlers that are tired are fussy, clingy, they cry all the time, they shout, throw tantrums and it is impossible to calm them down.  Make sure your child gets enough nap time before you head out to the restaurant so your little one won’t get out of control.

Bring along a few extras

Kids, in general, cannot sit still for a very long time and an hour of dining is a very-very long time for a small child.  A bag of toys can be tremendously helpful.  Your little one can play at the table with various toys and stay busy.  Here are a few good examples of great toys to keep your little one content;

  • Duplo Lego blocks are great for building and for fantasy play. This will keep your little one busy for quite a while.
  • Play dough is also incredible. Just be sure to pick a type that is taste friendly.  You can also add some colorful craft items like beads, feathers, and eyeballs so your little one can build monsters or animals at the table.
  • A busy bag like a coloring book with crayons and some stickers can also be great at the table.
  • GEO boards with rubber bands are interesting and great for improving fine motor skills.
  • Your child’s favorite toy or play set can also be very helpful at the table.
  • A discovery box filled with unusual items like fidget toys, figurines, cars and more can also be great.
  • Puzzles are also amazing.

Order ASAP

You really do need to get your food to the table ASAP because nothing will keep a toddler content on the table for too long.  Order your food first thing even if it means rushing a waiter.  You can also emphasize the urgency so your food will be prepared as quickly as possible.

Don’t order sweet treats

Steer clear of sugar rushes by skipping out on desserts and sweet treats.  Lulu’s restaurant has “the best burger in San Fernando Valley” that any child will love and that won’t spike energy levels.  We also have a wide range of other healthy meals that are great tasting and perfectly suitable for tiny toddlers.

Lulu’s Restaurant is a great place to take the entire family whenever you need a break from the house or from cooking and with these tips any of your restaurant trips will be a lot more pleasant for both you and your little one.

Thanksgiving Meal

A Thanksgiving Meal Like No Other!

The Perfect Meal

The leaves are changing and as they fall you know what’s around the corner, Thanksgiving. For some, it is the time where family members fly or drive to get together and reflect as a family. To appreciate what you have in your life with a fantastic meal. Free yourself from the stress of preparing and hosting such a meal and come eat at Lulu’s Restaurant.

A Thanksgiving Meal Like No Other

Forget the endless hours basting Turkey and messy cleanup that follows. At Lulu’s, we are introducing the Fantastic Holiday Meal for only $119.99. Entertaining a large party? We have a special that can feed a party of 10! Spend the best time with your family as you enjoy a savory mouth-watering Turkey Dinner. A four-pound combination of smoked to perfection, juicy dark, and light Turkey Breast Meat. At home, you would be limited to your family’s preference and low stock of a particular meat but not at Lulu’s. Determine how much light or dark meat you want for your company and we will be able to provide. Drizzle on top of that our zingy and tender Cranberry Sauce. Working as a perfect partner it adds a new level and emotion to the meal. By bringing out the flavor of the meat it adds to the taste of November’s favorite bird. We make our own cranberry sauce for this festive event so be sure to forget the processed canned brand.

What could make the meal even better? Well, what about a great side? The Holiday meal includes four pounds of sweet garlic mashed potatoes. A warming addition to your stomach it will sooth any impending ravenous hunger you may be experiencing. Prepared with care our mashed potatoes will make you feel like the first time you had them. Can this meal get any better? It sure can we have homemade stuffing, a perfect combination to all Thanksgiving sides. A crunchy and smooth taste that can only be improved with the helping of gravy, cranberry sauce or mixed in Turkey. Be sure to leave some room for dessert. The Holiday Special Meal also includes either an Apple or Pumpkin Pie topped with whipped cream. Grab yourself a slice of warm homemade pie, a fantastic send off to a great meal.

Eliminate the tiresome and frivolous clean up that follows such a large meal. With our team of friendly cooks, servers, and bartenders the day will be even more joyous. Feel closer to your family and leave satisfied but not bloated.