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lulu's top 5 delicious breakfast meals

Lulu’s Top 5 Delicious Breakfast Meals to Start Your Day

For many people, breakfast is the favorite meal of the day. It’s the optimistic meal. You have the whole day ahead of you, and breakfast can set the tone for having a truly awesome day.

It’s also often referred to as “the most important meal of the day,” especially for children, as it can help to reduce health risks, and prevent you from getting hangry (hungry + angry) at the beginning of the day.

Most Optimistic Meal of the Day!

You can also have breakfast at any time of day and somehow it makes the meal feel so much more special. Tough day? Warm buttermilk pancakes with a melted pool of butter and syrup will help put a smile back on your face.

At Lulu’s, we love our breakfast options, and if you’re over 21, we recommend pairing your meal with a mimosa. Orange juice for the DD though!

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 breakfast options here at Lulu’s that will be sure to start your day with a smile on your face!

1. Lulu’s Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes

Two delicious old fashioned buttermilk pancakes served with syrup and butter.
lulus buttermilk pancakes

2. Lulu’s Crepes

Two large crepes topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
lulus crepes

3. Lulu’s Eggs Florentine

Poached eggs, sautéed spinach, hollandaise, fresh chives, and an English muffin.
lulus eggs florentine

4. Lulu’s Country Fried Steak & Eggs

Crispy country fried steak and tasty country gravy.
lulus country fried steak and eggs

5. Lulu’s Tex-Mex Omelette

Ground beef, cheddar jack, jalapeños, pico de gallo, tortilla strips, sour cream, and salsa.
lulus tex-mex omelette

What’s your favorite meal of the day? Comment below and tell us what food puts a smile on your face and seems to brighten your day!


Is your stomach rumbling after all of this breakfast talk? We can help. Stop by Lulu’s Restaurant in Van Nuys, or Order Online for Take Out or Delivery!