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best camping recipes

Best Camping Recipes

Lulu’s Restaurant Best Camping Recipes

Summer is winding down and people all over are getting out into the woods before they get stuck behind a desk. Camping is great and after a long day of conquering rugged terrain with your friends there is nothing better than kicking back and enjoying the view. But then you eventually hear that rumbling sound.

If you end up not finding a gingerbread house, your untreated hunger might turn you just as wild as your surroundings. Nature is beautiful, but being hungry isn’t. That’s why the food professionals at Lulus have put together a list of some super easy camping recipes. With these simple meals you’ll be getting good food fast so you can get back to enjoying the view.

Ham, Egg, And Cheese Bread Bowls

Trying to find a place to wash dishes in the woods can be a hassle and even meal prep can cost you valuable adventure time. This is an easy recipe where you just hollow out the bread, seal the inside with ham, and then poor in egg and cheese. Once you wrap that up in foil you can lay it over the fire with a cook time of only a few minutes. (From Recipe Tin)

Fire Cooked Cinnamon Orange Rolls

Buy a tube of pre-made cinnamon rolls, hollow out half an orange peel, fill them in with the dough, and then place the oranges on a baking sheet over the fire. You’ll have delicious cinnamon roll tucked in an easily disposable orange bowl. Skip the dishes and entertain the kids with this easy camping trick. (From Truly Simple)

Omelets From A Bag

Using some gallon sized Zip-locs and some fire boiled water you can have some pre-made and easily prepared breakfast. Crack 2 eggs in each bag and fill with cheese, meats, greens, or whatever you want. Prep them before the trip and toss them in the cooler. Then simply heat up some water and let them cook for 10-15 minutes.

S’mores Sandwiches

This is a great way to enjoy s’mores without the sticky hands and goo covered clothes. Simply place some tortilla wrapped chocolate chips and marshmallow into aluminum covering, then lay them over the embers. Let them get a little toasty, carefully pull them out and let them cool, and then enjoy!

Pineapple S’mores Cake Sandwich

For a different way to enjoy s’mores you can get a piece of pineapple and a marshmallow sandwiched between two squares of pound cake. Toast over the flames and enjoy s’mores in a brand new way.

Campfire Eclairs

For another treat you can enjoy some classic french eclairs right at your campsite. Wrap some Pillsbury dough around a stick, roast until golden, and then let cool. Once hardened slide the bread off the stick, fill with pudding or whipped cream, and then top it off with some chocolate icing.

No matter where you are in the world, good food leads to good times. When you get back from your adventures visit Lulu’s Restaurant and enjoy any food you want in comfort minus bears. Visit our Menu and go enjoy Great Food!