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10 Classic Drinks to Enjoy When You Visit Lulu’s Restaurant

5 Beer bucket

The 5 Beer Buckets is an absolute must if you are coming over to Lulu’s Restaurant with a few friends. During Lulu’s party hour, we have amazing specials on various drinks and you and your friends can order the 5 Beer Buckets at an incredibly low price of just $18.95.

Try our bar drinks

If you are looking for amazing value for money, then you can definitely give our well drinks a try. We regularly switch between types of well drinks and these drinks are especially affordable during party hours. Some of our common well drinks include Bloody Mary’s, Gin and Tonic, Long Island Iced Tea, Rum and Coke, Screwdrivers, Margaritas and much more.

Enjoy our variety of Margaritas

Margaritas are amazing for any type of occasion or drink. At this bar in Van Nuys, you can choose between a wide range of fruity margarita recipes that we have perfected over the years. Enjoy a Raspberry Rhubarb, Cranberry, Watermelon, or Pineapple Margarita as well as traditional flavors, and have a blast with friends.


Shooters are always a great ‘go-to’ for breaking the ice or for adding a bit of flair to your evening with friends. Give some of the shooters at Lulu’s Restaurant a try so you can get a unique and full experience.

Domestic Beers

Domestic beers are perfect for partying with friends because these beers are lower in sugar and alcohol. Enjoy a cool Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller, Budweiser or more at Lulu’s Restaurant while you give a few of our delicious appetizers a try.

Taste fine wines

If you love to sip wine along with your delicious dinner then you can definitely give Lulu’s a try. Our wine menu is out of this world and there is plenty of variety to choose from.

Celebrate with champagne

Lulu’s Restaurant also caters for special occasions and events. Arrange for a banquet room and we will make sure that there will be enough champagne to go around so everyone can celebrate in style and have a blast.

Hot beverages

Of course, we also serve non-alcoholic beverages. You can give our fine selection of coffees and teas a try and stay warm during the winter or enjoy professional outings with colleagues or clients.


Our lemonade is freshly made and positively splendid. Lemonade is the perfect drink to go with your meal or to refresh your palate.

Iced Tea

We serve iced teas like traditional black tea, raspberry iced tea, unsweetened iced tea and more. Our iced tea tastes great and is a refreshing drink that goes well with any meal.

Soft drinks

We cater for everyone at Lulu’s Restaurant, including non-alcohol drinkers and children. Choose from a great variety of soft drinks like Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer and much more and stay healthy and safe.

At Lulu’s there is a drink for everyone and anyone. This bar is the perfect place to come over for terrific appetizers, a few drinks, and always a great time!

food and drink

Nothing Beats Great Food and Drink at Lulu’s!

Blowing off steam is one of the most important aspects of our lives that we should never neglect. There are a number of ways to this, however, and one of the most popular ones is grabbing a drink with friends and making merry after a long working day. Albert Einstein would have never come up with the relativity formula had he been all work with no relaxation from time to time. The mind just doesn’t work like that. However, this may be half-truths and whole lies, the point is a responsible drink to ease off the pressure from work is good for you.

However, the search for the right place is what really matters. Most bars are cheezy, filled with barely legal youth with fake identity cards. Nothing is pretty about that. Lulu’s Restaurant and Sports Bar is one of the best bars in Van Nuys that is guaranteed to give you a luxurious and exquisite feeling. Paired with amazing services, all the clients that discover this spot end up becoming regulars just so they can get more of the good stuff that is offered.

Nothing Beats Great Food and Drink at Lulu’s Restaurant

Lulu’s bar is very welcoming to the corporate circle. Great business deals are made in surroundings where business people thrive well, and nothing is as suitable as having good food and great drinks at your call. Therefore, when you and your business partners are having a hard time making a major decision and you need to relax a bit to get a different perspective of things, or maybe you have a small celebration on a deal you just closed, look no further, at Lulu’s bar you’ll get a perfect atmosphere that will suit your current mood.

This great ambiance is extended to everyone else who visits the bar, and as such, it is the most suitable hangout for those people who get off work and are just looking for a great place to grab a drink or two on their way home. With a daily happy hour that runs from 3pm all the way to 10pm, charging an amazing $4 for regular Margaritas and Well Drinks, $3 for Pints of domestic beer, and $19.99 for a Dozen Buffalo wings and a pitcher of domestic beer, you are sure to enjoy the bar’s exquisite serving of happiness. Additionally, they also offer daily half-price appetizers to get the party started.

Which reminds me of Lulu’s Party Hour. Get to watch your favorite game without the hassle of commuting all the way back to the house. Nothing beats an evening filled with merry enjoying a game of football next to your friends. The atmosphere is electrifying creating the effect of watching the game live. At Lulu’s restaurant and Sports Bar, fans get to experience this amazing feeling every Friday to Sunday for an entire four hours in the evening.

Stop by the bar and enjoy everybody’s presence, amazing liquor at the best prices, and most of all great music to soothe and get the edge off, and if you are a sports fan, you will find the big TV screens in the restaurant superb. Nothing but good vibes.

lulu's top 5 delicious breakfast meals

Lulu’s Top 5 Delicious Breakfast Meals to Start Your Day

For many people, breakfast is the favorite meal of the day. It’s the optimistic meal. You have the whole day ahead of you, and breakfast can set the tone for having a truly awesome day.

It’s also often referred to as “the most important meal of the day,” especially for children, as it can help to reduce health risks, and prevent you from getting hangry (hungry + angry) at the beginning of the day.

Most Optimistic Meal of the Day!

You can also have breakfast at any time of day and somehow it makes the meal feel so much more special. Tough day? Warm buttermilk pancakes with a melted pool of butter and syrup will help put a smile back on your face.

At Lulu’s, we love our breakfast options, and if you’re over 21, we recommend pairing your meal with a mimosa. Orange juice for the DD though!

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 breakfast options here at Lulu’s that will be sure to start your day with a smile on your face!

1. Lulu’s Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes

Two delicious old fashioned buttermilk pancakes served with syrup and butter.
lulus buttermilk pancakes

2. Lulu’s Crepes

Two large crepes topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
lulus crepes

3. Lulu’s Eggs Florentine

Poached eggs, sautéed spinach, hollandaise, fresh chives, and an English muffin.
lulus eggs florentine

4. Lulu’s Country Fried Steak & Eggs

Crispy country fried steak and tasty country gravy.
lulus country fried steak and eggs

5. Lulu’s Tex-Mex Omelette

Ground beef, cheddar jack, jalapeños, pico de gallo, tortilla strips, sour cream, and salsa.
lulus tex-mex omelette

What’s your favorite meal of the day? Comment below and tell us what food puts a smile on your face and seems to brighten your day!


Is your stomach rumbling after all of this breakfast talk? We can help. Stop by Lulu’s Restaurant in Van Nuys, or Order Online for Take Out or Delivery!

Meat Platter

The Grand BBQ Meat Platter

A Platter to Remember

Have you ever ordered a meat platter and felt it to be sub-par or not satisfying? Don’t worry this is a common feeling as everyone has been there. Be sure to remind yourself not to settle for less as there are better alternatives. Avoid that mediocrity and order from Lulu’s Restaurant located in Van Nuys.

Lulu’s Restaurant has been around for 40 years and with that time has perfected the Meat Platter. Not only do we provide Catering and Online Orders but also deliver all throughout the San Fernando Valley. For those who crave the right stuff call and order the Party Sized BBQ Platter. Only $65.99 it can serve from 6 to 8 people and comes with an additional two sides. From a full rack of ribs, whole chicken and your choice of either pulled pork, tri-tip or smoked sausage. A large selection to choose from it may be difficult for those to decide but for Lulu’s all their meat is equally exceptional. The great perk of this meal is that you can choose multiple choices of meat.  When people usually think of Meat Platters their minds first goes to thin slices of meat but as for us, we offer proper BBQ grade meat. Become instantly popular with your friends or peers at the next football, basketball or baseball game by providing a selection of marvelous Texas worthy cuts of meat. The Platter only gets better as it also includes two sides from garlic mashed potatoes, coleslaw, French fries, potato chips, potato salad, BBQ beans, freshly made biscuits or rice pilaf. The sides are as equally good as the main entrée and adds to the overall meal leaving you full but not uncomfortably stuffed.

Once having the BBQ Platter there will be no question that you made the right choice in online ordering. Have quality BBQ Meat sent to your house within the hour and make the day memorable by ordering this affordable Platter.