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Dining Out With Toddlers

Great Tips For Dining Out With Toddlers

Dining out with children isn’t easy, especially when your child is a busy little toddler that is all excited and hyper with all the pretty things inside the restaurant.  Plenty of parents stop dining out entirely while their kids are still small.  Babysitters often aren’t an option for many parents who just don’t trust other people with their precious little ones.  They skip out on great food and great outings with friends for years, which is quite sad and lonely.

At Lulu’s Restaurant, we welcome people from all walks of life including your tiny toddler.  Here are a few great tips that will make it much easier to dine at the best chopped-salad restaurant when you bring your child along.

Pick the right place

One of the best things to do when dining out with a toddler is to pick the right place.  Lulu’s is a great place to dine out with your kids because we are entirely family-friendly.  Our restaurant is casual, laid back and the general design of our dining area makes it a relatively quiet place to sit and relax.

Don’t take your toddler out when he or she is tired

Taking a tired child out to dinner is one of the best ways to have the worst time ever.  Toddlers that are tired are fussy, clingy, they cry all the time, they shout, throw tantrums and it is impossible to calm them down.  Make sure your child gets enough nap time before you head out to the restaurant so your little one won’t get out of control.

Bring along a few extras

Kids, in general, cannot sit still for a very long time and an hour of dining is a very-very long time for a small child.  A bag of toys can be tremendously helpful.  Your little one can play at the table with various toys and stay busy.  Here are a few good examples of great toys to keep your little one content;

  • Duplo Lego blocks are great for building and for fantasy play. This will keep your little one busy for quite a while.
  • Play dough is also incredible. Just be sure to pick a type that is taste friendly.  You can also add some colorful craft items like beads, feathers, and eyeballs so your little one can build monsters or animals at the table.
  • A busy bag like a coloring book with crayons and some stickers can also be great at the table.
  • GEO boards with rubber bands are interesting and great for improving fine motor skills.
  • Your child’s favorite toy or play set can also be very helpful at the table.
  • A discovery box filled with unusual items like fidget toys, figurines, cars and more can also be great.
  • Puzzles are also amazing.

Order ASAP

You really do need to get your food to the table ASAP because nothing will keep a toddler content on the table for too long.  Order your food first thing even if it means rushing a waiter.  You can also emphasize the urgency so your food will be prepared as quickly as possible.

Don’t order sweet treats

Steer clear of sugar rushes by skipping out on desserts and sweet treats.  Lulu’s restaurant has “the best burger in San Fernando Valley” that any child will love and that won’t spike energy levels.  We also have a wide range of other healthy meals that are great tasting and perfectly suitable for tiny toddlers.

Lulu’s Restaurant is a great place to take the entire family whenever you need a break from the house or from cooking and with these tips any of your restaurant trips will be a lot more pleasant for both you and your little one.

Lulu's Restaurant Loyalty Program

Amazing Benefits of Joining Lulu’s Restaurant’s Loyalty Program

Besides an occasional special there aren’t many places that will give you rewards for staying loyal.  Lulu’s Restaurant is one of those rare places that love to spoil our loyal customers a bit by giving them quite a few extra benefits by simply sticking with us.  We have a great loyalty program in place that helps us say thank you to all of those special guests that choose our restaurant for most of their outings, get-togethers, takeaways, and meals.

Here are a few fantastic benefits of joining up with Lulu’s Restaurant’s loyalty program:

Dine as our guest on your Birthday

Don’t you just hate cooking on your birthday?  Well, when you join our loyalty program you never have to cook on your birthday ever again because you will be invited to dine as our guest on every birthday.  You can enjoy a scrumptious meal and have great fun, all as a special reward from Lulu’s Restaurant’s loyalty program.

Our restaurant is one of the best places to celebrate your special day because we have amazing specials, the best food, great desserts and our restaurant has a very pleasant vibe.  We also offer an amazing party hour from 3:30 to 7:30 on Friday to Sunday where you can enjoy drinks at a discount, catch the game and have a blast with our affordable beer bucket.  Lulu’s party hour is at 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm and you and your friends can enjoy half price on appetizers any day.

Get coupons and save money

Money saving coupons will be emailed to you every month.    The more often you enjoy meals at our chopped salad restaurant, the more coupons you will get.

Enjoy other specials as well

Of course, you will also be able to enjoy Lulu’s other specials on meals, desserts, and beverages whenever you visit us.  Our bar has a party hour during weekends and a happy hour every day where you can also enjoy discounted prices on beverages as well as discounts on some of our appetizers.

All the latest news

You will also be supplied with all the latest news of all the best things that are happening at our fantastic restaurant.  When you join the loyalty program you will be notified whenever there are some specials available for beverages, drinks, and meals.  You will also be notified of any special events or celebrations that might be taking place at Lulu’s so you won’t miss out on any of the fun.

Lulu’s is one of the best family restaurants to consider whether you are looking to celebrate with your friends or want to enjoy a great filling and healthy meal.  Our loyalty program is definitely worth your effort and we have a lot of great foods and entertainment to offer that will keep you satisfied every time you visit us.


Good Reasons To Use Lulu’s Catering For Your Next Big Event

Planning a big event isn’t an easy task. There are so many different things that need to be done so your event can go off without a hitch. The location needs to be booked, decorations need to be added, before and after cleaning needs to be arranged, entertainment should be planned and booked, seating arrangements need to be planned and booked and much more. But one of the toughest parts of planning a big event is the catering. When you are inviting a lot of people over for a party or celebration then you can count on one thing – a whole lot of fussy eaters are coming along. It is just about impossible to cater for every person’s taste, food preference and to get a menu that suits all appetites. You should also be incredibly careful when choosing your caterer so you don’t end up giving your entire guest list food poisoning.

“Lulu’s Catering” is one of the best possible choices you can make for your next big event. Here are a few good reasons to choose our fantastic restaurant to thrill your guests during your big event:

High-quality food

At Lulu’s Restaurant, we serve only the highest quality foods. All foods are prepared from scratch in our modern kitchen and we use only the best and freshest ingredients for all of our recipes. The meals are also prepared by experienced chefs that will ensure that every meal looks and tastes absolutely divine.

We have the experience

Lulu’s Restaurant is a family owned business and has been known to serve the best foods in San Fernando Valley for more than 30 years. We serve a wide range of cities including Northridge, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Granda Hills, Van Nuys and more. Our chefs have been dealing with big events for a long time and we have the experience to ensure that your food will be ready and perfect on time.

We specialise in all events
You can order catering for just about any event. We specialize in catering for business events, corporate functions, parties, weddings, school functions, holiday parties, BBQ’s, sporting events, funerals, birthday parties, anniversaries and much more.

Our food is tastes amazing
The foods served by Lulu’s Restaurant are marvelous. We have a wide range of healthy foods and our chopped salad restaurant is perfect for those that want to keep their figures in check while having a blast. We even have the best burger in San Fernando Valley for you to taste. We cater for any type of party and will ensure that the foods match the event perfectly.

We can provide all the extras
If you prefer then we can also supply you with all the extras like napkins, plates, utensils, cups and much more. Our staff can also help out at the buffet and for table services during the event.

A great variety of foods and beverages
Our menu consists of a wide range of foods to choose from. You can order appetizers, party platters, sandwiches, wraps, desserts and much more.

Lulu’s restaurant is the perfect selection for any event. We cater for big and small and ensure nothing but the best.